BKT Tires at Intermat 2015

On its stand at Intermat, BKT exhibited its tires released over the last couple of years.

MachineryZone got the pleasure to discover the BKT tire models and sizes showcased at Intermat with Piero Torassa, Field Engineering Manager at BKT Europe.

Container King

Container King Tire

Container King for reach stackers

The Container King is mainly designed for port handling applications. In fact, 90% of its use is related to reach stacker applications. The Container King is a conventional tire, offering a very tough and wider centre-area in order to increase the tire lifecycle and minimizes tread cracks.

At the moment, we have three different patterns on this specific model. The one displayed at Intermat is the latest model, released a couple of years ago.

We are also developing the first model of radial tires because radial construction is getting increasingly important. We are currently testing the first set of 18.00-25 size in radial construction in a big port in India. We are expecting to release the first radial Container King tire by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.


Maglift Tires

Maglift for forklifts

Another latest release at Intermat is Maglift, a solid tire that is especially designed for forklifts and side loaders. We also wanted to enter this market because the demand for this type of tires is increasing, especially in construction applications. We started with small models like the 4.00-8 which is a very small forklift tire. Our size range reaches up to 300-15, which means that this goes from smaller up to heavy forklift tires. Year after year, we release additional sizes for this market.

Earthmax SR 53

Earthmax SR 53 Tire

Earthmax SR 53 for loaders and dozers

The Earthmax SR 53 is a tire for off-the-road applications (OTR). We started in OTR about 8 years ago with very few sizes. The first step was to develop and introduce conventional tires, but in Europe conventional tires are not widely used. Conventional tires are only used for port applications. For dumpers and loaders, however, the clients generally choose radial tires, especially for  comfort and fuel efficiency reasons.

We started with very common sizes like 26.5R25 and 29.5R25 which are sizes that generally fit for dozers and loaders. These sizes are very common in the medium range, but we were lacking major sizes in L-5 for small and medium loaders, like for example the loaders used in recycling applications. The most common sizes for these types of machines are 17.5, 20.5 and 23.5. We started to get many requests from all over Europe to develop theses sizes with hard rocky surface. This kind of pattern reduces the risk of tire punctures, especially in scrap yards where this kind of risk is very high and where a puncture would be a serious danger. This is the reason  why the Earthmax SR 53 for loaders and dozers are developed with  natural rubber and cut-and-heat-resistant compound to prevent any cracks.

Earthmax SR 51

Earthmax SR 51 tire

Earthmax SR 51 for loaders and dozers


The Earthmax SR 51 is an L-5 tire with exceptional traction capacity. Its pattern gives you the traction you need when going on muddy or wet ground. Another advantage is that it is symmetric, so a tire can fit both on the right and on the left. This allows to improve the wear rates of the tires by putting them in different positions during the tire life. 

Earthmax SR 47

Earthmax SR 47 Tire

Earthmax SR 47 for rigiid dumpers

Going deeper into the OTR use, the Earthmax SR 47 is one of the last releases. It is designed for rigid dumpers or generally speaking dumpers that are used in quarries. For these applications, there are some specific sizes. In Europe, the most common sizes are 18.00 R 33 and 24.00 R 35. We developed these two sizes for our Earthmax SR 45 which has a traction pattern. But the problem with this pattern is that on dumpers it is in general not used on the front axle. For the front axle, the users prefer a pattern that is more close in ther centre-area in order to increase the performance in steering and to protect the front axle against snags and punctures. So in terms of safety and performance, the SR 47 suits the front axle better. That’s why we have two different patterns in the two sizes 18.00 R 33 and 24.00 R 35: the SR 45 for the back axle and the SR 47 for the front axle. In general, especially for the dumpers, we offer our tires in three different compounds: cut-resistant, heat-resistant or standard depending on the requests of the site.

Earthmax SR 41

Earthmax SR 41

Earthmax SR 41 for articulated dump trucks

The Earthmax SR 41 is similar to the SR 47, bu is rather suitable to articulated dump trucks. We have two sizes available: 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25. At the moment, we can offer this tire in two different compounds: standard compound and cut-resistant compound. The cut-resistant compound can also be used for loading applications. You may wonder why should someone be using this kind of pattern on a loader. The answer is simple. It is because sometimes the loaders are also used on very smooth surfaces, like asphalt. This pattern allows the driver to have a stable ride and feel less vibrations. So you may loose a little in traction, but you get a lot smoother ride.

The SR 41 is a development of the older SR40 which is a little bit different in terms of pattern. Instead of a double step pattern, the pattern of the SR 40 was only one step. Thanks to the double step, we increased the tire life-cycle. We also made some changes inside the tire like enhancing the rubber-compound calendering of the steel cord.

Airomax AM 27

 Airomax AM 27

Airomax tires are actually very specific to high-sped on-off cranes. The 445/95 that we exhibit at Intermat was the first size released , but we are also going to release some other sizes soon. This is an OTR tire, but developed for commercial use. It can drive up to 80 kph (50 mph). At the moment, it is not perfectly clear if the tire has to be ECE marked or not for the European standards. But in order to avoid any future issues for road use, we made the ECE 54 test and marked it on the tire.

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