AAVM and HL980: Hyundai’s 2016 Novelties


On its 3447 m² stand at Bauma, Hyundai exhibited 24 construction machines and 9 forklifts for international visitors to discover at the largest exhibition of construction machinery in the world. The Korean manufacturer took advantage of an event of this magnitude to introduce several major innovations to its customers and visitors who were delighted to discover a total of 16 new machines that made their worldwide debut on the stand. All new crawler excavators and wheel loaders are now in line with stage IV European standards, but it is also in terms of safety and comfort that Hyundai has again optimized its site machines with new advanced technologies.

MachineryZone visited Hyundai’s stand in order to discover more about its two novelties: the Advanced Around View Monitoring (AAVM) Camera System and the HL980 Wheeled Loader.

More security with the AAVM system

With its new panoramic surveillance system, Hyundai puts the safety of operators and workers present on site first. Indeed, the AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) allows operators to have a 360 ° field of view around their machine.

To achieve this, the machine is equipped with four cameras located on the four sides of the shovel that monitor the entire work area. The AAVM system benefits from ten viewing options such as 3D bird’s eye view and 2D/4CH using touch screen technology. The image is displayed on an 8-inch touch screen located inside the cabin. Using different camera positions, the operator can have a complete overview of his workplace, from many different perspectives.

The IMOD function (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) provides extensive security. This is a motion detection function that alerts the operator of the presence of people or objects within 5 meters from the machine. Once a motion is detected, the person or object in question appears in a rectangle on the screen. An arrow indicates the direction from which the movement comes from. In addition, an audible signal alerts the operator in order to prevent the machine approaching dangerously close to the person or object. In short, the AAVM reduces the risk of accidents on construction sites. This is especially the case for construction projects that take place in city centers or motorways, when the IMOD function contributes to prevent collisions with pedestrians or passing vehicles.

AAVM is the first panoramic 360° monitoring system on the market and according to Hyundai, this solution is the safest currently available.

World premiere for Wheeled Loader HL980

During the 2015 Intermat show in Villepinte, Paris, Hyundai presented for the first time its HL 955 and HL 960 loaders with a respective operating weight of 15 and 18 tons. This year, the Bauma exhibition was used as a platform to launch the largest model in the Hyundai wheeled loaders series for applications in quarries and mines: the HL980 with an operating weight of 31 tons and an engine power of 283 kilowatts or 380 hp at 1800 rev / min. Its bucket, revised for improved fill factor, has a capacity between 4.8 m³ and 5.6 m³.

The new wheel loader is equipped with a Scania DC13 engine that complies with stage IV anti-pollution standards. Hyundai announces increased productivity by 8% compared to the previous series.

Productivity and ecology are the watchwords of this new HL series. Just like the HL955 and HL960 models, the HL980 loader’s engine is equipped with automatic shutdown. The engine consequently turns offs when it enters an idling state to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

To better control the consumption of diesel and maximize machine productivity, it also features an ECO gauge that regularly checks the operating status of the machine as the engine torque, fuel efficiency and fuel consumption.

With the ECO pedal, the operation mode of the loader automatically adapts to the workload and the machine’s power requirements for these tasks. This allows for an economic operation of the loader in terms of fuel consumed.

In the cabin, Hyundai emphasizes on operator comfort, information and entertainment. The Korean manufacturer has redesigned the cabin to offer additional comfort with 10% more operator space, an adjustable seat, high-performance air conditioning, as well as an optimized and improved soundproof cabin. The new sound reduction technology, already available on other HL series models, such as the HL955 and HL960, reduces the noise level in the cab at 68 dB, even in very noisy workplaces.

To increase productivity and minimize operator fatigue, the cabin of the new series of loaders is equipped with a touch screen that is larger than its predecessors with a size of 7 inches. With this screen, you can access all the essential information about the machine and its operations. It is equipped the Miracast system which works via the WiFi connection of the operator’s smart phone and enables easy use of the smart phones’ features on the big screen including navigation, web-surfing, watching videos and listening to music. The operator can also make calls directly from the cab using the hands-free function and connect the phone to the audio system, which features an integrated microphone, via Bluetooth.

To facilitate the maintenance of the HL980, the engine hood can tilt with a simple push of a button in order to access the engine for tasks such as cleaning or maintenance. The engine room is fully sealed in order to minimize risks associated with the inflow of foreign objects and debris.

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