– all the construction equipment in the UK is a leading ads website about construction equipment is an international website of used and new construction machinery. It’s the right place for everyone who needs a machine or wants to sell one. There are ads posted by manufacturers, trade companies and private machine owners.

The first MachineryZone website was launched in France in 2003. At the beginning it functioned under the name Europe-Machinery. Then it was developed into a multi-language international website. Now it consists of 16 language versions and is visited by people from all over the world. First the website was devoted to used machinery only, now it offers new equipment too.

The main MachineryZone page is divided into machinery categories. It contains above all construction equipment but also ads of vehicles, forestry equipment, storage equipment, diverse tools, services and even vintage machinery for collectors. The most important machines offered by MachineryZone are excavators (many types of used & new excavators available for sale), loaders, road construction equipment, forklifts and cranes. There’s also a wide range of manufacturers from giant ones like Caterpillar, JCB, Komatsu, New Holland or Case to small local companies.

On MachineryZone everyone can find the proper machine. The first step is to find the main category, eg “Rollers”. Then it’s necessary to choose the subsection, also the roller type like tandem roller or single drum roller. The search tool in the subsection allows to search the needed manufacturer or model, to define the year of production, working hours or price (the criteria can vary in particular subsections). Such a detailed search is aimed to compare the features of different machines and allows the user to find the most suitable one. Placing an ad is just as easy as searching a machine.

Apart from equipment ads MachineryZone offers auction sales. Another site section contains the special sales event. The professionals can also have their data put into the Professional Directory with manufacturers and trade companies marked on a map or ordered in a list.

MachineryZone is designated for everyone who has anything in common with machines and construction industry. No matter if you are a trader, a machine owner or a manufacturer – feel free to visit the sites and check out our services!