Bobcat – heavy equipment manufacturer (Compact Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Mini Track loader, Compact Track Loaders)

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If there is a company that you should know it must be Bobcat. It produces many kinds of machines such as excavators, compact loader or skid steer loaders

Bobcat – manufacturer of heavy machinery

Bobcat History

Bobcat Company was founded way back in 1947 when it used to trade under the name Melroe Manufacturing Company. Bobcat deals mainly with construction equipment. The company introduced its first compact loader in 1958. In 2004 Bobcat received recognition from the American Society of Agriculture Engineering. Bobcat headquarters are located in West Fargo, North Dakota, in the US. Bobcat has also operated as a subsidiary for Ingersoll Rand between the periods of 1995-2007 before it was later disposed for US 4.9 billion.

Over the last five decades the company has emphasized its operations in quality products, exceptional work ethics  and mutual trust and relationship among employees and other business partners.

Types of Machines Manufactured by Bobcat

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Compact Excavators

These products have legendary reliability coupled with superior performance and production standards. There are more than a dozen models of Bobcat compact excavators. Each model comes with its own unique capabilities that save on time and labour.

Bobcat M-Series line has improved digging performance although the machines are very small. These products have a hydraulic system that enables the delivery of power in a consistent and predictable manner. Other features that are embedded with Bobcat compact excavators include finger tip control, auto idle & shift travel among many others. On MachineryZone you can walk through many Bobcat mini excavators for sale.

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Skid Steer Loader

There are approximately 16 different models in this product category. These equipments are recognized due to their superb workmanship that consistently deliver on more digging and faster turning, faster travelling speeds, strong hydraulics, proper weight balance, and quick cycle times.

Bobcat skid steer loaders are also exceptionally easy thanks to faster access to vital engine components. As a result, operational costs are substantially reduced.

The cabin area has also been made comfortable because of features such as air conditioning, pressurized cabs and adequate operator space that enable proper visibility of work areas. Many ads with skid steer loaders from Bobcat are available on MachineryZone

Mini Track loaders

This category consists of two models: MT52 and MT55. These products enable the worker to perform multiple jobs with the convenience of either walking behind or riding on the equipment. There are over 15 accessories that can be attached to this equipment in order to make work much easier.

It is very easy to operate Bobcats mini track loaders. They also come engineered with enough safety features such as lift alarm and tilt lock system and parking brakes among other outstanding features. More used track loaders available there.

A great Bobcat compact track loader

Compact Track Loaders

This is also another tough machine from Bobcat. It has exceptional work levels with ability to continue working when other equipment stalls. Some of the models available include M-Series that not only come with the size but also provide the required performance.

With compact track loaders it is possible to work in soft, sandy, muddy or wet conditions easily. Buyers are provided with an option to go for any of the available three undercarriage options: roller suspension system, rubber tracks or the steel tracks. These machines also have longer lifespan because of features such as machine shutdown protection, dual path cooling and low maintenance rollers. Find out more compact track loaders produced by Bobcat on MachineryZone.

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