Caterpillar – heavy machinery (excavators, dumpers, loaders & Dozers)

Cat manufacturer is proud to be one of the largest construction equipment company

With Cat, one of the largest heavy machinery manufacturer, you can find many excavators, dumpers, loaders or dozers

Everything you wish to know about Caterpillar

A brief history of Caterpillar, the heavy equipment manufacturer

CAT was founded by David Holt, the Caterpillar name came about quite by chance when an observer noted that the motion of the Holt Steamer 77 was “like a caterpillar”. The first documented use of Caterpillar machinery was in 1905 during the construction of the San Francisco cable car network.

Caterpillar machinery has been used in renowned projects from the Hoover Dam in the 1930s to the 1969 Apollo 11 mission that led to the first moon landing. During the Second World War the company manufactured 51,000 machines for the US military in a huge operation which involved expanding its workforce and increasing output to keep pace with demand.

Caterpillar tractors have become vital in humanitarian efforts to clear the debris after natural disasters, beginning with the notorious San Francisco quake of 1906. Caterpillar has developed into an internationally recognised brand, in 2011 its total assets were estimated to be worth more than 88 million dollars.

Popular Machines Manufactured by Caterpillar

Some of the best Dozers in the World are produced by Caterpillar


Bulldozers are used to push large quantities of material during construction. Essentially they are tractors adapted to carry a dozer blade. Caterpillar dozers are available in two wheel sizes, medium and large. Medium wheel dozers have the advantage of mobility and speed whilst large wheel dozers are more suitable for demanding heavy duty work. The latest model, the DE7, has been designed with efficiency in mind, it requires fewer resources to run and uses less energy, offering increased environmental benefits over previous versions. Find more ads of used Dozer from Caterpillar.

Caterpillar is one the biggest manufacturer of excavator


Excavators can also be called diggers. They are an essential tool in both construction and heavy industry. Caterpillar offers extensive choice in this area with a wide variety of configurations available. With a reputation for the best ton per hour outputs in the industry, the award winning D-Class Hydraulic Excavator is a world leader and is considered the best in its class. Feel free to check out our ads of Cat excavators.

Find out more dumpers produced by Cat


Dumpers are engineered to carry large bulks of material. Whilst early Caterpillar dumpers had a payload of around 2 tons, extensive investment has lead to advancements enabling today’s dumper to carry up to 10 tons. In order to minimise costs for operators Caterpillar has developed dumpers that ensure maximum efficiency and reduce cost per ton. The 785D Mining Dump is one of the most popular dumpers, with an impressive speed of 34 mph and a payload of 146 tons. Many used Caterpillar dumpers can be found on MachineryZone.

Cat produces strong wheeled and crawler loader


Loaders are regularly used in construction to carry stockpiled materials onto other equipment such as dumpers. There are two main types available: front loaders and backhoe loaders. Front loaders such as the Caterpillar 950H operate only with a front bucket whereas backhoe loaders have the additional rear articulated arm with a digging bucket. Loaders can be fitted with either wheels or tracks. Wheels enable higher speed whilst tracks are designed for improved grip, and can be useful in places where sharp material may puncture a rubber wheel. The Caterpillar 966 loader has been famously used by the Israeli military for combat missions in the West Bank, and was customised with armour plating to ensure increased resistance to any attacks. More ads of used wheeled loaders on MachineryZone.

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