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General Information and History of Construction Equipment Dumpers

Background of dump trucks

A dumper is a compact construction vehicle with a front- or rear-mounted skip used to transport construction materials around a site. If equipped with a towing eye, a dumper can also be used as a tractor to tow a trailer. Early dumpers were tipped manually, and had approximately one tonne payload capacity. Modern dumpers can carry up to ten tonnes, and usually are tipped using hydraulics. Safety is a primary concern when operating a dumper, and accidents usually involve injuries due to the entire vehicle tipping.

Types of Construction Equipment Dumpers

An articulated dumper

Articulated Dump Trucks

Unlike traditional dumpers, articulated dump trucks consist of an enclosed cab which tows the dump bed behind it on a trailer. The articulation between the cab and the trailer results in a much smaller turning radius, which compensates for the greater length of the vehicle. In some cases, the operator is able to manoeuvre the trailer from the cab using a hydraulic system. Articulated dump trucks excel in off-road conditions and difficult terrain over which a rigid dump truck would struggle to perform, as well as in locations with limited space, however the articulation itself results in a reduced payload capacity. More ads of articulated dumpers on MachineryZone.

a rigid dump truck

Rigid Dump Trucks

A rigid dump truck is mounted on a traditional rigid chassis, with the operator in a closed cab at the front, and a dump bed which tips rearwards. It usually is diesel-powered and has only two axles. The rigid chassis gives this dump truck exceptional strength and increased payload capacity. It is best suited to a more expansive site with relatively gentle terrain, due to its larger turning radius and limited off-road capability compared to the articulated dump truck. Rigid dump trucks are often used in large mining operations, as well as heavy construction. Used rigid dump trucks available here.

Tracked Dump Trucks

Tracked dump trucks are a rigid dump truck which moves on continuous tracks, instead of tyres. The tracks allow a more even distribution of vehicle weight over a larger area, resulting in less damage to the surface the vehicle is traversing , and allowing the truck to carry a heavier payload through muddy terrain. Tracked dump trucks also have excellent traction on slick or snowy surfaces. The dump truck’s tracks may be made of rubber or steel. Rubber tracks are quieter and smoother, but best suited to paved areas. Steel tracks perform better on rough ground and last longer, but are much noisier and provide a rougher ride. More used tracked dumpers on sale on MachineryZone.

Mini Dumpers

Mini dumpers have a forward-tipping front-mounted dump bed, with the operator seated at the back of the vehicle. Because the operator is not enclosed, mini dumpers often have a roll bar for safety. Mini dumpers have two axles, and are usually articulated between the operator and the dump bed to allow for greater manoeuvrability in compact spaces. The dump bed, or skip, is usually tipped using hydraulics. Mini dumpers may ride on either tyres or tracks, and are best suited to smaller operations due to a greatly reduced payload compared to that of a dump truck. More info about used mini dumpers on sale.

Main Manufacturers of Construction Equipment Dumper

The main manufacturers of dump trucks are :

  • AUSA
  • Barford
  • Bell Equipment
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Doosan
  • Hinowa
  • Hitachi
  • Hydrema
  • IHI
  • JCB
  • Komatsu
  • Kubota Limited
  • Mitsubishi
  • Morooka Co., Ltd.
  • Moxy Engineering
  • Neuson
  • Terex
  • Thwaites
  • Volvo Construction Equipment
  • Winget
  • Yanmar
  • Yuasa Trading
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