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Anything you should know about Doosan

History and backgrounds of Doosan

Doosan is a Korean holding company with many businesses including Doosan Mottrol which is heavily involved in the hydraulic industry. Doosan was originally founded in 1896 by Park Seung-Jik as a shop in Seoul, which grew and expanded rapidly into brewing, construction and engineering. The company acquired a large number of affiliates and in 1998 re-launched itself as Doosan Corporation. In 2007, Doosan acquired Bobcat USA which was one of the leading producers of small scale construction equipment and in 2008 Doosan sold off the liquor businesses and focused mainly on electro-materials used in circuits, food and chemical imports, information technology as well as hydraulics and construction vehicles.

Main heavy equipment manufactured by Doosan

Doosan manufactures a number of small machines involved in construction. These include crawler excavators, dump trucks, wheeled excavators and wheel loaders.

Doosan crawler excavator

Crawler excavators by Doosan

Crawler excavators are trucks traditionally used to excavate soil in order to dig holes or trenches. They have tracks instead of wheels, allowing them to operate in difficult terrain. Crawler excavators are useful in many situations as they can be combined with attachments, such as a shear to cut concrete or metal structures, to increase their functionality. When equipped with a grappler attachment, a crawler can be used to sort through refuse or as a log carrier in the forestry environment. Crawler excavators are used mainly in construction, but are also used in forestry, mining and recycling applications. Doosan is one of the leading producers of crawler excavators in the world. More Doosan crawler excavators ads available here.

Doosan dumper

Dump trucks by Doosan

Dumpers are any trucks that have a dump body. Dump trucks can either be off-road or on road, depending on the application required. Dump trucks are used to move raw matter such as earth, rocks, refuse and gravel. Off-road dump trucks are specially built to be able to operate on difficult terrain and the dump body is a built in component of the truck instead of being an attachment. Off-road dump trucks are mostly used for the removal of soil in mining operations and the moving of refuse in garbage dumps. On-road trucks are trucks with a dump body attachment and are used to transport goods for long distances using roads. More used Dumpers available here.

doosan wheeled excavator

Wheeled excavator by Doosan

A wheeled excavator is similar to a crawler excavator, but is more mobile and can be driven on tarred roads. Instead of having tracks like the crawler excavator, the wheeled excavator has wheels. This means it can’t be used for off-road applications, and is mostly used in road construction or in construction areas where the ground is flat. Many ads of used wheeled excavator by Doosan.

Wheeled loader by Doosan

Wheeled loaders are trucks used to excavate and transport materials such as earth, rocks and snow. They have a shovel in the front that allows for the excavation of various materials They are one of the most commonly seen pieces of equipment on construction sites and are used often in the mining, forestry and recycling industries. These trucks can be equipped with alternate attachments allowing them to be used as forklifts to carry and move heavy loads. Doosan is one of the leading producers of wheel loaders in the world and you can find many ads of wheeled loader by Doosan.

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