The different types and uses of dozers


a dozer in action !

Find out what you should know about this famous heavy machinery equipment : The Dozer

General information about Dozers (or Bulldozers)


The dozer can also be commonly referred to as a bulldozer. It is made of a heavy, wide blade that is mounted at the front of the tractor. The plate is then used to push any densely compacted material. Most of the bulldozers also have a claw-like tool that is mounted on the rear. In the past bulldozers were simply tractors used mostly by farmers for plowing and landscaping but over the years there have been modifications like having a rear ripper claw that has made them more useful. The bulldozer can be found in mines and different engineering projects.

Different types of bulldozer

There are a variety of dozers that differ depending on use. The crawler bulldozer looks like a tractor and is used for pushing sand and any other heavy materials from one place to another. The crawler is a tracked vehicle and hence does not have any tires. Large crawlers usually have a ripper installed at the machine’s rear end and can even crush any hard surface. It is most suitable for use in irregular fields due to the abrasive plate. The heavy material and sand is moved by the big plate in front of the tractor. The wheel bulldozer on the other hand is quite larger than the crawler. It is the one that is used mostly in various construction plans like stadiums and water parks. This is due to its high efficiency and performance. The wheel dozer has large and heavy tires which enables it to function well. The main difference between the wheeled dozer and the crawler dozer is that the wheel one can move on a small axis unlike the crawler bulldozer which is not able to do that. The wheeled dozer has a fully articulated hydraulic steering that is quite easy and flexible to operate.

Manufacturers of Dozers

There are various manufacturers of bulldozers worldwide. The largest manufacturer currently in the world is Caterpillar Inc also commonly known as CAT. The company is based in Peoria, Illinois and is quite known for the manufacture of mining and construction equipment, industrial gas turbines, and diesel and natural gas engines. The second largest manufacture of construction equipment is Komatsu Limited. Komatsu manufactures a variety of equipment with some being used for mining and other for construction. Among the construction equipment it manufactures is the bulldozers. Case Construction Equipment is the third largest manufacturer of construction equipment among them being bulldozers.

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