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General information about Excavator

An excavator is a machine used for construction activities. The excavator consists of a house, undercarriage, boom, stick and bucket. The undercarriage has a motor and gears which aid in movement of the equipment. The house contains an engine, oil and fuel cylinders. The house connects to the under carriage through a cylindrical casket enabling it to revolve freely at a 360 degrees angle. A boom attaches to a stick which is used to lift the bucket. Ancient excavators consisted of long counter weights that were situated at the back of the machine to enhance digging and lifting. This was not suitable for areas with limited space. Yanmar introduced the Zero Tail Swing excavator in 1993. The Zero Tail Swing was designed in a way that the counterweight was limited to the area of the tracks during its operation. This was a much safer and easier machine to use in confined areas. Modern excavators borrow their design and features from the Zero Tail Swing.

Crawler excavators, wheeled excavators,

Various kind of Excavators

Excavators are used for digging trenches, holes and foundations. Excavators are also used in forestry, dredging rivers, heavy lifting, mining, material handling, driving piles and demolition. There are various kinds of excavators. The main types include drag line, compact long reach, suction excavators and power shovels. Find more info and ads about excavators.

Compact excavators

They are wheeled machines weighing at least 0.7 tones. The movement of compact lifters is enhanced by hydraulic fluid powered by hydraulic cylinders. The compact excavators consist of a work group, under carriage and house. The house is used for slewing while the undercarriage is a major support to the workgroup and house. The work group consists of a boom, arm and bucket. Find more info and ads on mini excavators

Crawler excavators

This are the main excavators on the market. They are build to release heavy work such as mining. They are usually very big and very large and they always come with veru high horsepower. This is one of the most well-known type of excavator in the world. Find out more about crawler excavators.

Dragline excavators

They are used in mining and engineering. They are two main types of draglines: lifting cranes and heavy duty built on site machines. Draglines contain units that are easily dismembered and ferried by trailers. The small cranes are used for civil engineering tasks such as road, pond and port construction. The larger build on site equipment is used mainly in the mining of tar and sand. The dragline has a boom and bucket. The bucket of the dragline is moved with the aid of ropes powered by a motor.

Long reach excavator

It is an excavator with a long arm. The length of the arm is suited for destruction activities. It is able to reach the top of buildings and methodically crumple the structures.

A suction excavator

It is also known as a vacuum excavator. This equipment lifts and clears debris on land through its suction pipe. The suction pipe measures a foot in width. It consists of a nozzle with handles used to control the machine. The suction pipe has teeth used to cut the earth during excavation. An air lance water jet is used to loosen the earth before sucking it out. Suction excavation is used for safely identifying and removing underground elements.

Power shovels are also known as front shovels, stripping shovels or electric mining shovels. This is a machine used for mineral extraction, digging and covering rocks with earth. A power shovel has a revolving gadget, movement controls, a counter weight, a crane with an arm for digging and a bucket. Shovels move by wheels. The power shovel is mainly used for mining activities such as coal mining. Modern power shovels are known as steam shovels.

Different types of manufacturers

Excavators Manufacturers

The market is awash with different brands and models of excavators. The main manufacturers of excavators include the likes of Caterpillar Inc, John Deere, Komatsu Limited, Hitachi Construction Machinery, CNH Global, Case CE, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Bobcat Company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hydrema, BEML Limited, LiuGong, New Holland and Samsung Group.

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