Forklifts – the different types of this heavy machinery


In this page, we tried our best to give the best update about this famous heavy equipment, the forklift

Uses and background of Forklifts

History and background

Folklift trucks are used globally to lift and transport a variety of materials, and has become indispensable since the 1920’s, where modern versions were developed by many companies, earlier versions were developed as far back as nineteen hundred with battery operated trucks introduced and used in Pennsylvania in 1906. The onset of the 1st World War prompted further use and development, due to the decreasing numbers of available manual labour. As the years moved on, so did the need for more efficient and manoeuvrable trucks with different power sources, including diesel, electric, and propane gas machines and the introduction of telescopic features. See more ads and types of used and new forklifts.

Different types of forklift

Diesel Forklift

Diesel Fork lifts

Forklift trucks that are run by diesel motors are normally used for external operation, because of the fumes omitted and their bulkier size. Diesel fork lift trucks are often used for heavier workloads, have a higher torque, and are more efficient in terms of fuel economy, as red diesel is used, which cost less than normal diesel. Fork lift machines driven by diesel engines are also a lot more powerful with higher lifting speeds and acceleration. They are used for towing, and when a bucket is attached to the folks, it can be used for scooping aggregates and other loose material. See more ads of used diesel forklifts on sale.

electric forklift

Electric Fork lifts

Fork lifts driven by electricity via batteries are environmental friendly, and being fume and noise free are used primarily for inside operations; the batteries not only power them, but also act as counterweights, helping them to be more manoeuvrable, and easier to operate than engine driven machines. Electric fork lifts are cheaper to run from an energy point of view as they can be charged on a lower tariff, but they do need an area to be charged in, and have considerable down time, whilst charging. They have less moving parts, so they are cheaper to maintain and service. Many ads of electric forklifts are available there.

Propane fork lifts

Propane fork lifts or LPG (liquid petroleum gas) is the ultimate in lift and shift equipment, used both indoors and out, and can operate 24 hours a day. LPG fork lifts can outperform diesel and electrical machines, due to power to weight ratio, faster lifting speeds and acceleration. Like the diesel fork lift, the propane fork lift, requires a higher level of skill to operate. The propane model is more comfortable for the driver, due to lower noise levels and vibration from the seat and controls, when compared to the diesel, but they are not as comfortable as the electric fork lift. See many ads of propane forklifts.

telescopic forklift

Telescopic forklift

Telescopic forklift trucks, also known as, telehandlers or telescopic handlers, are usually heavier and more robust than a standard fork lift, with extending folk arms called a boom that reaches higher areas, like roofs and the tops of scaffolds with heavier loads. Telescopic forklifts are used in the construction and agricultural industries and can be fitted with different attachments to the folks. Telescopic forklifts were developed in the UK from the articulated folklifts that were being used by forestry workers. Telehandlers are equipped with on board computers to aid the operator in determine safe lift loads at certain boom extensions. Ads of used telescopic forklifts are available on this page.

Fork lifts Main Manufacturers

There are hundreds of manufacturers of folk lift trucks, with the best companies usually making the top lists year in and year out, measured by their sales, for example: Toyota, Crown, Jungheinrich, Kion and NACCO. There are also companies jostling for these top positions, including familiar names like, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Manitou, TMC Corp and Anhui Forklift Group. India is making a strong presence in the industry, with Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing.

Backhoe loaders are more like tractors, with a bucket and arm mounted at the rear, and at the front, a front loader. These types of vehicles are often referred to as excavators or a JCB.

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