Hitachi Heavy Machinery (excavators, mini excavators, dump trucks & cranes)

Hitachi is one of the leading construction equipment company in the world
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Hitachi, a leading construction equipment in the world

History and background

Hitachi Construction Machinery started out as a division of the well known multinational electronic and engineering corporation; Hitachi. The firm has a history of development and innovations. In May 1949 the division developed the first cable operated shovel made using only technology developed in Japan, and in July 1965 it was Hitachi that manufactured the first hydraulic excavator using only Japanese technology.

In December 1969 the division was split from the parent company in readiness for its spin off as an independent firm in 1970 when it became Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Ltd. (HCM). Over time the firm has expanded including the creation of a number of subsidiaries. Strategic alliances have also been formed, including a tie up with Deere & Co in 1983 and Samsung in 1993. The firm has undertaken significant product development, selling a wide range of construction machinery. Today the firm employs more than 20,000 people across the globe and for 2012 had a turnover in excess of 817,143 million Yen. Four of the main items are excavators, mini excavators, dump trucks and cranes.

The main heavy machinery from Hitachi

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Hitachi Excavators

The firm sells five different types of excavators, mini excavators which deal with up to six tons, medium excavators which deal with between six and forty tons, and the large excavators deal with over forty tons. In addition to these models there are wheeled and barge excavators (more information on excavator here). The current range has sixteen medium sized excavators with weights between 6,300 kg and 390,000 kg. This category includes two short tail swing models and one short rear-end swing model. In the large excavator category there are sixteen models with weights between 111,000 kg and 811,000 kg. This range includes four excavators with quarry specifications and two electric models. There are also four models of wheeled excavators and ten ‘on barge’ excavators. If you are looking to buy or sell a Hitachi excavator, go check this page.

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Hitachi Mini Excavators

The HCM mini excavator range is popular due to the high level of efficiency and versatility gained with a relatively compact piece of equipment. The mini excavator range is made up of fifteen models. This includes two standard models, one of 1,100 kg, and another model with a slightly larger bucket weighing in at 1,460 kg. There are thirteen zero tail swing models, weights for this category range between 1,100 kg and 4,900 kg and engine power between 0.5 kW and 28.4 kW. The narrowest of the range has a width of only 740 mm, allowing access to areas that are traditionally difficult for excavators. The models benefit from adjustable foot crawlers and additional counterweights to facilitate increased stability when needed. More Hitachi mini excavator on sale on MachineryZone.

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Dump Trucks

HCM produces a range of six rigid off road dump trucks. With diesel powered engines between 391 kW and 2,014 kW the range has been developed for the mining and quarry industries. Nominal payloads for the range start at 38.1 tons increasing to 287 tons. Standard features include all-hydraulic braking system, guard rails, tachometer, air conditioning in the drivers cab, a full electronic monitoring system and system diagnostics. Optional extras include a hill hold brake, back up proximity monitors, active traction control, as well as packages to support mild or extreme cold weather usage. More Hitachi Articulated Dump Truck available here.

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The cranes of HCM are all manufactured and sold by the subsidiary Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd. The firm has a range of twenty-three models, including one telescopic boom crawler crane. The telescopic boom crawler has a maximum boom length of 17 meters with a maximum lifting capacity of 20 tons x 3.5 meters. The remaining twenty-two models are all standard crawler cranes, with the maximum boom lengths starting at 44.5 meters where there is a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tons x 3.7 meters increasing to a boom of 126 meters with a maximum lifting capacity of 550 tons x 8 meters. Many mobile crane from Hitachi on sale here.

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