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History and background

Komatsu is an international organisation that manufactures construction equipment. It was originally the subsidiary of another company, and became Komatsu in 1921. During the 1930s it began producing agricultural machinery, which including tractors for the country’s military. It subsequently began manufacturing other machinery, such as bulldozers and forklift trucks, followed later by the making of diesel engines. The company grew during the years after the end of the war in 1945, which was due to the need for machinery to help in the rebuilding of structures damaged during the conflict.

For six years from 1988 Komatsu was in equal partnership with Dresser Industries, and together they made mining equipment. Following the former’s buy-out of Dresser Industries, this line of equipment was renamed Haulpak, while the construction equipment retained the name Komatsu.

Komatsu make a variety of machinery

Komatsu excavator

Komatsu Excavator

An excavator is a piece of equipment that is used to extract earth, rocks and other substances from the ground, where they can be then placed onto a truck and removed. This equipment can be purchased in a variety of forms, depending on thejob it is needed for. One such type is a Wheel Excavator, which consists of an excavator attached to a vehicle that allows travel between sites to be possible. Another variety is the Minimal Swing Radius Excavators, which have movement limited to a small space, ensuring that safety can be maintained when working in a small area. More used and new Komatsu crawler excavator can be found on MachineryZone


Mini Excavator

Mini excavators are used for the same purpose as their larger counterparts, to extract and move substances from the ground. As the name suggests they are smaller than excavators themselves and are therefore suited to work within a smaller area, such as in a crowded environment, or for work such as laying pipes. These are used because they increase the safety of the equipment in areas that are not suitable for a larger excavator. The swing on these is limited, like the Minimal Swing Radius Extractor, and is intended to be used in even smaller areas. A very large choice of Komatsu excavator can be found on MachineryZone.

komatsu backhoe loader

Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader is a piece of equipment that has tools for work on the front, which can include an excavator. At the back of the loader is equipment where the substances that have been extracted can be carried in order to transport them to another place. Stability is maintained by the use of an outrigger. Using one of these loaders means that only one piece of equipment is needed for more than one task, making a task easier to complete. The requirement of only one machine means that money can be saved, as well as storage when the equipment is not in use. Many Komatsu articulated backhoe loaders are available on MachineryZone.

komatsu wheeled loader

Wheeled Loader

A wheeled loader is a machine that is used for picking up material that has been excavated so it can be loaded onto equipment that can remove it from the area. These are on wheels so that they can move around the debris to collect it and their size can vary widely, depending on what they are needed for. Wheel loaders have a large number of potential uses, including building work, farming and the removal of snow. Due to the wheels on these machines, they do not need to be loaded onto another vehicle to move between sites. The equipment mentioned are only some of Komatsu’s products, so whatever construction is being planned, the organisation is likely to have many of the necessary tools needed. Many ads of used komatsu wheeled loaders available here.

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