Liebherr – Construction Machinery (Tower Cranes, excavator, dozer &forklift)

Liebherr is a german construction machinery manufacturer

In this page, we are glad to let you know everthing you should know about Liebherr

Everything you should know about Liebherr

History and backgrounds of Liebherr

Based in Switzerland, Liebherr are a German equipment manufacturing company. Liebherr was established in 1949 by Hanns Liebherr, it remains owned by the Liebherrs to this day, and is currently owned by Willi and Isolde Liebherr. There are over 130 companies within the Liebherr umbrella, employing in excess of 35,000 people in several countries, including Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Liebherr began by manufacturing cranes, and is currently the biggest crane company anywhere worldwide, but has since expanded into many other areas, including aircraft parts, mining trucks and household appliances.

The Main Construction Equipment by Liebherr

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Liebherr Tower Cranes

Having manufactured cranes for over 60 years, Liebherr are well experienced in this area, manufacturing cranes of different sizes and types for a number of different purposes. The cranes sold by Liebherr are categorised as either fast-erecting or top-slewing, with each category having several models, each with specific features within it.
Fast-erecting cranes such as the R crane are useful when rapid changes in location are required. The TT crane is nice and adaptable for different tasks and the H series are quick to get into their working position.
The top-slewing cranes are often used for larger constructions, however models such as the high-top EC-H are still quick to set up and economical to transport around. Find out more about Liebherr tower cranes.

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Liebherr Excavators

Liebherr are well experienced in the mining industry, having been manufacturing equipment in this area for over 40 years. Liebherr mining excavators are popular due to their innovative features. Liebherr also manufacture a number of wheeled, crawler and electric excavators, each with their own set of features and able to operate at different weights, so there is a product to fit almost every excavating need. Liebherr also manufacture a number of attachments for their excavators, so you can rest assured that whatever your needs are, you can get a quality attachment to suit. More crawler excavators from Liebherr on this page.

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Liebherr Dozers

Liebherr manufacture a variety of different bulldozers, and these are popular worldwide. They are well manufactured, to the extent that 30 year old dozers are still available and fully functional – of course with fewer features than in modern bulldozers. They are closely tied to Liebherr excavators, particularly the crawler versions, which share numerous similarities. Liebherr are well known for their quality equipment and their bulldozers are no exception. These bulldozers will feel familiar to anybody with experience of other Liebherr equipment and therefore are ideal for accompanying other Liebherr equipment for all sizes of project. More Liebherr Dozer available on MachineryZone.

Liebherr Forklifts

Forklifts are not perhaps Liebherr’s most well-known product, however this type of equipment goes well with their other lines. Liebherr claim that their latest machines have “excellent stability and generate unusually high lifting force” during lifting and loading, so although they may not be the first company that comes to mind when looking for a forklift, Liebherr are definitely worth considering. Liebherr manufacture reachstackers with a unique curved telescopic boom, allowing them to reach further and give extra space for stacking. These are popular in the maritime cargo environment, where Liebherr are well established with a number of their products. More Liebherr forkilft on MachineryZone.

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