New Holland (Heavy Equipment – Backhoes loaders, Skid Steers, Wheel Loaders, Excavators)

New Holland is manufacturing many heavy equipment such as excavators, backhoe loaders, skid steers and many others

Everything you need to know about construction equipment and New Holland

All About New Holland – Its History And Construction Equipment

The history of New Holland History 

The year 1985 marked the inception of New Holland. At that time, the company was just a tiny repair shop manned and operated by a single individual, who’d have thought that this small shop would later on become a global brand when it comes to manufacturing agricultural and construction equipment. In the year 1991 New Holland was acquired by Fiat, its earlier parent company was Ford. New Holland partnered with Kobelco, another global manufacturer of construction equipment in the year 2002. Three years later, the company managed to create an umbrella brand name called New Holland Construction which encompasses historical brands like Fiat-Kobelco, FiatAllis and New Holland.

There are different kinds of machines manufactured by New Holland.

These are enumerated and explained as under

Excavators by New Holland

Excavators from New Holland

New Holland engages in production of heavy construction equipment such as excavators. These are bulky vehicle-cum-machine that consists of a bucket, a cab (also called ‘house’ that is fitted on a rotating platform and a stick. The house is fitted on top of the wheels or the tracks. These equipment generally rely on hydraulic motors, cylinders and fluid for operating. Excavators can multi-task and perform several different functions like digging foundations, handling materials, lifting heavy items, conducting forestry work, driving piles, river dredging, open-pit mining and general landscaping or grading. Since these are so versatile therefore they are popularly used by people all over the world. Find out more excavators from New Holland

Find out more about Backhoe Loaders by New Holland

Backhoes Loaders designed by New Holland

Another highly used construction equipment produced by New Holland, this one looks similar to excavators but when it comes to functions, the two machines are poles apart. Also known as loader backhoe or simply a backhoe, this is a heavy equipment vehicle which comprises of a tractor that has a bucket or a shovel attached to it. Backhoe loaders are used immensely by constructors because it is versatile and compact. One can spot a loader backhoe parked at the side of a street for use in building a house or fixing roads and highways. Many ads available of Backhoes loaders by New Holland

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Skid Steer Loaders

This is a type of construction machinery manufactured by New Holland which isn’t as heavy-duty or bulky as excavators or backhoe loaders. Although skid steer loaders are small, they are quite rigid and consists of life arms which can hold up different kinds of tools and attachments meant to be used for construction purposes. These vehicles are capable of making zero radius turning, which makes them perfect for tasks that require this kind of loader. Thanks to its arms the machine can be used for loading materials onto a truck or carrying materials in its bucket or for pushing materials. Used Skid Steers Loaders from New Holland

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Wheel Loaders

The definition of wheel loaders is very apparent because it is just what its name suggests. These are vehicles that can be used for loading construction materials. Since these vehicles have wheels and are used for loading purposes so they are called wheel loaders. New Holland manufactures these ultra-useful equipment in large numbers. Some examples of the primary materials that these loaders carry are snow, feed, gravel, asphalt demolition debris, rocks, sands, woodchips or other raw materials. Wheel loaders can also dump the materials into other construction machinery like a railcar, dump truck or a feed-hopper. Check out our New Holland wheeled loaders ads on MachineryZone

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